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Expert Opinion  

  Diljeet Titus gives an expert opinion on whether a sports   legislation is the need of the hour.

Ques: Do you feel that a sports legislation is the need of the hour to regulate sports in India?

Ans: India lacks codified sports legislation and presently Indian sports is being regulated by the law of contract, anti-doping law, law of torts etc. The need for a codified sports legislation assume significance especially in wake of the Indian Premier league controversies, allegations of Sexual Harassment in Women team and allegations of malpractices by sports federations etc. I believe that the proper enforcement of codified sports legislation will ensure accountability in regulation and control of sports.

Ques: If yes, are there any particular provisions that you feel should be incorporated in the legislation?

Ans: The sports legislation should have provisions for setting of a statutory body to keep the sports federations in check. Further, the legislation should also address specifically issues of sexual harassment, training and facilities extended to sports person and broadcasting rights etc.

Ques: Any further suggestions regarding India having an effective sports policy to regulate sports.

Ans: To have an effective sports policy and legislation, such legislation should be enacted after fully considering opinions of all the stakeholders including Ministry of Sports, Sports Authority of India, Sports Federation, prominent players, sponsors etc. Further, to enable an effective implementation of the legislation, greater sensitivity and legal support must be provided to women players.

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