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BIG Data: A Challenge to Data Protection?

Dr. Subhajit Basu and Rhyea Malik assess the capacity of the existing Indian regulatory framework to withstand the challenges posed by pervasive data collection and big data processing.

Competition Commission nips litigation at the bud - Dismisses cases against Ola and Uber

Payel Chatterjee, M.S. Ananth and Pratibha Jain comment on the Competition Commission of India upholding that access to funding and innovative technology or models enabling an entity to provide discounts and incentives does not create entry barriers and is not anti-competitive.

The Judicial Interpretation of Temple Archaka Appointments and State Intervention: An unresolved Dichotomy

On the 16th of December 2015, the Indian Supreme Court ruled on a matter that embodied a longstanding tension between the freedom to practice traditional religious customs and concerns of caste discrimination comments Arpan Banerjee.

Interview of the Month

Cherie Blair

India Law Journal’s Managing Editor Vikrant Pachnanda spoke with Cherie Blair QC on the sidelines of the United Nations Commission on Trade Law (UNCITRAL) celebrating 50 years since its inception way back in 1966.

Ques: The UNCITRAL is celebrating 50 years this year. Do you think that the UNCITRAL has indeed laid down global standards for rule-based commerce?
Ans: Absolutely. The UNICITRAL was set up in 1966 and it...

Book Review

India the business opportunity by Dr. Linda Spedding, Eastern Book Company (2016)

Reviewed by:
Chritarth Palli, Law Clerk cum Research Assistant, Supreme Court of India & Assistant Editor, India Law Journal

The business world today is facing a global slump with developed nations growing at an ordinary rate of 2-4 percent annually. Amid the sluggish milieu, one country that manages to defy that trend is India.