Book Reviews

Is India Ready for Gender Neutral Law?

Reviewed by Ankit Tiwari (, Digital Lawyer, India.

The Guide to IP Arbitration

Harsh Patidar and Monish Raghuwanshi review this book by the Global Arbitration Review on how intellectual property disputes can be solved by way of arbitration

Can Competition be toxic?
Competition Overdose: How Free Market Mythology Transformed Us from Citizen Kings to Market Servants

Krithika Ramesh and Mihir A. Parikh review this book on the ways in which the free market economies has turned humans into ‘market servants’

Setting up a Family Office: A Special Report by Keith Drewery and Barbara R. Hauser

Dr Linda S Spedding reviews this book on the nature of family offices and the deep complexities of the same by Keith Drewery and Barbara R. Hauser

The Truth Machines: Policing, Violence and Scientific Interrogations in India

Oishani Nandi reviews “The Truth Machines: Policing, Violence and Scientific Interrogations in India”, a thorough examination on the current status of interrogation techniques in India and its implications on today’s society.

Reinventing Bankruptcy Laws: A History of the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act

Oishani Nandi reviews “Reinventing Bankruptcy Law”, a critical analysis detailing the evolution of the interpretation of the watershed Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA).

Family Offices the Step Handbook for Advisers second edition

Dr Linda S Spedding reviews this book containing exemplary insights on a comprehensive approach to family offices

An Introduction to Animal Laws in India by PP Mitra

Dr. Caesar Roy reviews this book on the importance of a shift and dire need in animal protection and safety laws and texts under the Indian context.

Nature Conservation in the New Economy

Oishani Nandi reviews this book on how it brings a seminal compilation of perspectives and ideas regarding nature and wildlife conservation in the Indian context.

Land Registration: Global Practices and Lessons for India

Oishani Nandi reviews this book to see the best global practices and how Indian can learn from them with respect to registration of land.

Presidential Democracy: India’s Dire Need for a Better Governance by Jashwant B. Mehta (Forum for Presidential Democracy, 2019)

Oishani Nandi reviews this book on whether India is in dire need to have a presidential form of government to ensure better governance.

Supreme Court of India: The Beginnings by George H. Gadbois, Jr. (Oxford University Press) (2018)

Thomas E. Simmons reviews this monograph on the early history of the Federal Court and the Supreme Court of India

Guide to LLM Admissions and Scholarships Abroad, Shireen Moti, Universal Law Publishing (2017)

Saranya Mishra reviews this book which is intended to demystify the LLM Admissions and Scholarships in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Technology Laws Decoded by N. S. Nappinai

Anirveda Sharma reviews the 1st edition of this book on Technology and Cyber laws in India.

Commentary on the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 by Pranav Khatavkar

Vishwam Jindal reviews this new book on insolvency and bankruptcy law in India

The Man before the Mahatma: MK Gandhi, Attorney At Law By Charles Di Salvo (Random House India) (2012)

Anirveda Sharma reviews this book by Prof. Charles Di Salvo as the first biographical account of Mahatma Gandhi’s professional life as an attorney and his experiences which transformed the man into the Mahatma.

India the business opportunity by Dr. Linda Spedding, Eastern Book Company (2016)

Chritarth Palli reviews this book on it being a practical handbook for understanding the legal and regulatory affairs in India in order to do business in India.